CardPesa Enrollment form


Card Pesa is a trading name for Card Pesa Limited a registered Non Deposit Taking Micro Finance Institution regulated by Uganda Micro Finance Regulatory Authority (UMRA) License Number MF00400 Our vision is to provide digital financial credit solutions to the ordinary Ugandan without insisting on collateral.

To do this efficiently and effectively we are an annual subscription based platform which provides only subscribed members with micro loans for emergencies and short term working capital needs over the year they are subscribed.

The credit therefore provided on this platform is given solely at the discretion of the company and is not predetermined prior to signing on.

Please fill this form only if you understand and agree with the information provided above and accept that in so doing you provide the information requested for voluntarily for the purpose of lawful assessment of credibility by our organisation.

Our aim is to provide credit to members who can demonstrate that they are participating in economic activity and have verifiable economic and social links in Uganda and can therefore afford to take credit and meet their obligations once it is advanced.

We therefore are not obliged to provide credit to everyone who fills this form if they do not meet our minimum thresholds of proof of livelihood as well as show economic and social links who can vouch for their credibility.

Personal details

Credit references

Please note that for all three references, we will request a copy of their National IDs if we deem it necessary to authenticate them.

Before any credit is given we will contact any 2 of the below named persons at our discretion.

Also note that the three reference should be different individuals and cannot be the same. If the same person is entered in for more than one of these roles the form will be invalid.

Card Pesa may also at its discretion request for further financial details to help it determine what credit limit to provide you.

Guarantor information

Next of Kin Information

Workmate/Colleague Information

Authorization for release of information

I hereby warrant that the above information is true and correct, and is furnished for the purpose of establishing a credit relationship with Card Pesa Limited under the trade name Card Pesa. I hereby agree that Card Pesa Limited may investigate my record and that, if approved, Card Pesa Limited may furnish this authorization to secure the information they need to establish a financial relationship.